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          Fuwa Cast Steel,Fushun Taiping Foundry Co.,Ltd, is a prestigious Sino-Japan joint venture enterprise that specialize in manufacturing cast steel,cast iron ,located at the foot of Gaoer mountain,North shore of Hun river of famous industry base, northern part of China,Our company is away from Shengyang capital only 45 kilometers with the occupation of whole construction area 13,000 sq.m,railroad and road are very convenient for people and......
          Address:No.2 Shuangyang Road,Shuncheng District,Fushun,Liaoning Province,China
          Tel:+86-24-57660138 57653822 Fax:+86-24-57653189
          E-mail:taiping@fstpzz.com Website:www.gong-bing.com
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